Module 6 - Critical Thinking

This module will give you an opportunity to assess your critical thinking skills
and improve upon them with various techniques.

Assignments for week 4 of class:

  1. Read pages 167-200

  2. Create a Word Document, save it as: lastname-module6.doc(x)
    Include the following:
    1. Your answers to pages 179-180
    2. Your answers to page 185
    3. Your answer to 194-196 "Critical Thinking: Applying Learning to Life"
    4. Your answer to page 198
    DUE: no later than February 8th

  3. Complete the "Becoming a Better Test Taker" on pages 201-203
    as part of your study prep for the mid-term (Feb. 3rd)
    Not for a grade.

Discussion Due: February 8th

What's happening on February 3rd...

Optional, but recommended:

Homework Total Points: 15