Module 3 - Learning Styles and Civility

This module will help you to enhance your awareness of diversity within
yourself and others and develop communication strategies that will
promote relationships at home, in the classroom, and in the work place.

Assignments for week 3 of class:

  1. Read pages 73-107

  2. Log on to site
    and explore your major area of interest.

  3. Go To:
    Complete the Learning Styles Assessment and send me an email with your
    scores for each area. There should be a score for: Visual, Auditory, & Kinesthetic
    DUE: no later than January 29th

  4. Create a Microsoft Word Document, save it as: lastname-module3.doc(x)
    I cannot open your file if it is not a Microsoft Office document, and if I
    cannot open it, I cannot grade it.

    1. Complete the surveys on pages 76-77, and 80-81 in your textbook.
      Type your answers up in the Word Document.
    2. Use the results of the three assessments to create a self-portrait think
      link like the one featured on page 106 in your textbook. 
      How to create a chart in Microsoft Word:
    (This assignment will help with your Learning Styles Paper)
    DUE: no later than February 1st

  5. Values, Goals, and Time: Exploring Majors
    In this chapter, you will have opportunities to explore major areas of interest.
    Use the links below for information about choosing a major.
    Print out and complete the Values worksheet located under #2 Worksheets
    on the left side bar.
    While this assignment is not for a grade, the activity is important in your larger
    assignments, such as the Time Management Assignment.

  6. Under #2 Worksheets on the side bar, save the GOALS worksheet to your computer.
    Save the file as: lastname-GOALS.doc(x)
    Fill in your answers, save and submit the Goals worksheet via the Assignments link.
    DUE: no later than February 1st

  7. Print out and use the "How to Make a Weekly Schedule" to work on
    your Time Management Exercise (located under #2 Worksheets
    on the left side bar)

What's happening on February 3rd...

Discussion Due: February 1st

Optional, but recommended:

Homework Total Points: 50