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A different type of computer trouble!

Clipart of woman screaming at computer.
This image was purchased from Broderbund’s ClickArt

In your computer classes you will learn a lot about the mechanics of the hardware and the quirks of various software packages. You’ll learn how to tweak things so they work just right!

But guess what! When you get out into the working environment you will have users messing with your perfection! Users range from the very beginner to “advanced” (some that really know what they are doing and some that think they know).

Unless you know precisely where you are going to work in the future, you need to be prepared for whatever type of environment where you may end up working. Each environment has different rules, regulations, standards and ethics that must be upheld in order to keep everything working like it should. Guess what… when you get that job, everyone will be looking to you for knowledge on how to act and behave when it comes to computer use, after all…you’re the expert!

Go to and follow one of the links under Additional Web References on Computer Ethics.

What ethical issues are out there? How do they affect you as a student? How will they affect you as an employee? What ramifications will these issues have on your behavior in the workforce?

Choose a computer ethics-related topic to research, and write a two-page paper addressing the above questions, summarizing some of the issues and solutions for that topic. Make sure to cite your sources in ALA format.