Teacher’s Guide – Plan for Assessment

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Student projects requiring a formal written composition will be evaluated by the standards set forth by the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction found at http://www.dpi.state.nc.us/docs/curriculum/languagearts/secondary/elainformationalwriting.pdf

Some projects will involve answering questions directly related to the material in a worksheet that is provided via this site or a specified linking site. (The activity at HyperStat contains a worksheet and the answers are either correct or incorrect with the possibility for partial credit on the exercises that require computation.)

Others will be evaluated by the provided rubric for that activity which may be viewed on that activities page (see suggested rubric below). The variety of activities requires this variety of assessments to evaluate the students’ efforts and mastery of each project’s subject. The project evaluations should also be reinforced in class with in-class quizzes and/or tests that include the project information.

Completeness(3)(3) – Student went beyond just answering the questions provided in the activity.(2) – Student answered all the questions provided in the activity.(1) – Student answered some of the questions provided in the activity.(0) – Student did not attempt to answer the questions provided by the activity.
Vocabulary(2) (2) – Student correctly uses all the vocabulary correctly.(1) – Student uses the vocabulary, but it may not be completely correct.(0) – Student either does not use the vocabulary or uses it completely incorrect.
Correctness(5)(5) – All Answers are completely correct show all supporting work.(3-4) – Most answers are correct and most supporting work is shown.(1-2) – Some answers are correct. Supporting work being shown earns a 2 over 1.(0) – Most answers are incorrect and/or incomplete