So you think you know how to count…

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Chinese AbacusOne, two, three, … In elementary school, they taught us how to count sequentially: one after the other. Sometimes counting sequentially is useful, but many times it is not very practical. We have to learn how to count. The links below will help you to get started. On a sheet of paper, record your answers to the following exercises. If it is a problem involving calculations, please show your work.

  • Determine how many ways there are to arrange 6 out of 10 books on a display shelf.
  • Does the number of ways change if the order does matter versus the order not mattering?
  • Define the following vocabulary words (remember to include any formulas): permutation, combination.
  • What are some applications/examples of these counting principles?
  • How many different lottery numbers are possible in the state lottery?
  • Is a combination really what it claims to be?