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Advanced Functions and Modeling

Photo: Girl with math booksHello! and Welcome to Math for Life.

This site was originally created to support the material of North Carolina’s Advanced Functions and Modeling curriculum. In truth, while it does support this curriculum, the activities can be used for any class that includes the subjects to the left. The activities were mostly written to be done independently outside of class, but our teacher may decide to change it to fit into the flow of class.

As a student, we often feel that what we are doing in our math classes has nothing to do with our real lives. We believe that math has no use in our real-life other than some adding subtracting and the occasional multiplying. Because of this, I have added an appreciation section, where we’ll learn more about mathematics as a subject and explore how we might be using it in a career. Most people find themselves rather surprised.

Math for life has a major focus on you seeing that while you may not have to do certain calculations and such in your daily life the mathematics behind those concepts and their applications effects everyone in on a daily basis. Your understanding of the concepts can make you a better consumer, voter, thinker, and artist. The culminating activity will bring this to the forefront of your mind.

Our teacher may have modified the assignments a little from what is given here, so make sure to follow all the directions. We wouldn’t want to make a major mistake for a little reason.