M7A2 Multimedia Application


Note: Material on this page is derived from several of my web administrator pages on Darton’s web site under the Technology Services Division. This material was developed with the intent of helping Darton faculty and staff in developing and maintaining the content on their web pages.

Instructions for this Assignment

After you have completed all of the READINGS in this Module, please use Notepad (PC) or TextEdit (Mac) to prepare a simple Web page in HTML about a concept you might teach to students, staff, or colleagues.

  1. Includes AT LEAST 10 features from the items listed in the instructions for the HTML W3Schools Tutorial (in READINGS in this module).
  2. Save your Web page as "YOUR NAME's WEB PAGE".
  3. Be sure to change the file type to "All Files" when saving your Web page to .html (otherwise it will default to .txt, and will not work)
  4. Test your Web page in a browser.
  5. Troubleshoot and correct any issues that don't appear correctly.
  6. Attach your completed HTML file here (inside BlazeVIEW).
  7. If you include any images on your web page, please include the image files when you upload or attach your HTML file. NOTE: When you upload a web page to a server, if you don't upload the image files at the same time, in the same folder as your web page, the links to the images will not have anything to point to.
  8. In the textbox provided in the Dropbox, please list the 10 features you incorporated into your web page.